Inter Library Loans Notes for the Requester Library

Material generally excluded from the Inter Library Loans Scheme:

New in print fiction (less than 6 months since date of publication).

Audio visual material (unless requested under the Bee Aware Scheme for a visually impaired person).

Some reference materials – current yearbooks, annuals, directories, encyclopaedias, bibliographies.

General ILL Guidelines for Requester Libraries

Requests made outside a fully automated system may be made via email, fax, post, or telephone, although email is the preferred method. Only one request per email should be submitted. Non-Automated requests and chasers must include:

  • Bibliographical details of the requested item
  • Requester library’s full delivery address
  • Requester library’s Cost Scheme/s
  • Request number (in email subject line)
  • Requester library’s British Library account number and British Library Code
  • Chasers must be clearly identified

Institutions should not apply to more than one location simultaneously to avoid the supply of duplicate copies. (Rotas are of course permitted).

Requester libraries may expect a response, or their request to be forwarded to the next location within 3 working days.

The requester library should obtain all relevant copyright documentation and determine whether the material is required for personal or commercial purpose prior to inter library loan application. It will be assumed by the responder library that this has already been determined and any relevant paperwork is in order.

Speculative requests made to email lists should be used as a last resort. The email subject line should clearly indicate it is a speculative request. Ensure any response is made to the requester only, and not to the entire list.

The requester library is responsible for an item upon its receipt from a responder library until it has been received on its return.

On Receipt of Requested Items

Address labels should be checked and if appropriate, items redirected immediately and the transport carrier informed.

Loan periods should be observed. Where practical, do not allow borrowers to renew an Inter Library Loan beyond the due date without first consulting the responder library.