Inter Library Loans Notes for the Responder Library

Responder Libraries can:

  • Refuse to lend any item.
  • Impose conditions of use.
  • Determine the replacement cost of lost or damaged items.

When replying to requests:

  • Ensure action taken is clear.
  • Unnecessary headers, disclaimers etc. should be removed from emails before forwarding.
  • Take care to Forward or Reply to the appropriate email address.
  • If an item is on loan do not reserve unless requested to do so. (Some institutions apply to a series of single locations – do not assume you are the only location, even if the request does not include a rota.)
  • Requester libraries may expect a response, or their request to be forwarded to the next location within 3 working days.

When supplying Items:

  • Ensure due date and request number are clearly visible.
  • Include a returns address label.
  • It should be assumed by the responder library that all relevant copyright documentation has already been obtained.
  • The responder library may choose the method of transport used for the supply of an item.
  • The requester library is responsible for an item upon its receipt from a responder library until it has been received back by the responder library on its return.