Inter Library Loans Reply Codes (Non Automated Systems)

The following reply codes can be used in combination in order to provide information to the requesting library.

Response Code Responder should…
At binders BIND Provide estimated supply date if possible
Unable to reserve C/R
Due back D/B
Decline to loan D/L
Decline to loan – CD or Audio Visual Material D/L CD/AV
Library use only – willing to loan LUO
Missing MIS or MFS Suggest re application if appropriate
Not available N/A Suggest re application if appropriate
Not in stock NIS
Overdue O/D Provide due date
On loan O/L Provide due date
On order O/O
Re-apply in… Re-Ap Provide estimated period before reapplication
Reference only – decline to loan REF or R/O
Do you wish to reserve? RES? This response should only be used if the requesting library has not stated their preference
Supplying/Sending (in response to a chaser) TBS
Waiting list W/L Provide indication of number of reservations already on waiting list (e.g. W/L 2)