Electronic Material and Inter Library Loan Requests

Background to collaborative working between The Combined Regions (TCR) Conarls Working Group and the Forum for Interlending and Information Delivery (FIL) Executive Committee to encourage the supply of electronic format material in response to inter library loan requests

With the advent of online publishing, many institutions now purchase their subscriptions from large publishers in the form of bundled site licences. These can allow electronic access to quantities of publisher’s subscription lists at a negotiated price, sometimes based on historical print journal expenditure, but licence terms may be difficult to determine for a variety of reasons.  However, academic libraries, in particular, subscribe to many collections of electronic journals (often called big deals) and articles from journals included in these agreements can usually be supplied via Inter Library Loan.  The restriction is that the requester must be using the article for private research and for a non commercial purpose.  Articles can be supplied as print or fax copies but not as PDFs.

It was felt that institutions should be encouraged to apply for and to supply material from electronic resources where possible, and where licences permit, but first it would be beneficial to map policies relating to electronic material by conducting a brief survey. 

Further details about The Combined Regions (TCR) Conarls Working Group are available in the TCR website. 

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